Turmeric Slows Down the Spread of Breast Cancer

Turmeric is one of my favorite herbs. It works great when prescribed in therapeutic dosages to treat specific issues yet is also a wonderful addition to your cooking to aid in your overall wellness. For an in depth look at how Turmeric can be of benefit in Breast Cancer, click here: Can Turmeric Slow Down the Spread of Breast Cancer

Winterize Your Body – 5 Tips to prepare for Cold and Flu Season

1. Nutrition – it’s an obvious one, but often overlooked. Eat a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables from all colors of the rainbow. Also, fermented foods are really great. Try Kombucha tea, miso soup or real sauerkraut.

2. Supplement – there are 4 core supplements I recommend for everyone. Multivitamin to boost nutrition levels, Fish Oil to decrease inflammation, Probiotic to improve digestion and Antioxidant to boost the immune system. I recommend “Four Pillars” by Pharmax, it includes all of the above in easy daily strips.

3. Neti Pot – I get push back on this one, but it works great. Use a neti pot daily to rinse your sinuses and gargle with salt water as well. This will improve your sinus health and rinse out any viruses before they can attach to the mucous membranes and get you sick.

4. Vitamin D – the next time your at your doctors ask for a 25-OH Vitamin D test. Your levels should be at least 50, if not you are deficient and more likely to catch a cold.

5. Treat with Herbs – I have tried many herbal cold remedies over the years and found they work great. If taken right when you first notice that sore throat or achy shoulders, they can cut off the illness before it starts. The best one I’ve found is “Cold Quell” from Blue Poppy Herbs.