Events: March and April 2013

Revolution Weight Loss Program:

This FREE lecture will cover the Revolution Weight Loss Program, an individualized approach to weight loss and health promotion. The Revolution Program includes not only nutritional and exercise approaches but also uncovers the hidden problems that often create failure before a weight loss program even gets off the ground. These include hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, toxic load and neurotransmitter imbalance. The Revolution Weight Loss Program is designed to be a complete metabolic makeover!

Thursday March 21:
7:00-8:00 PMHealthy Food

Thursday April 4th:
7:00-8:00 PM

Thursday April 18:
7:00-8:00 PM

Thursday May 2:
7:00-8:00 PM

Ann Coz, Nutrition advisor
Liz Murray, Health Coach

Cost: FREE

Restorative Yoga + Acupuncture:


An hour long Slow Flow & Restorative Yoga class followed by a half hour acupuncture and meditation. An evening of deep healing for the body, mind and spirit.

Saturday April 20:
5:00-6:30 PM

Brenda Meeds, RYT & Paula Blanchard, Lic.Ac.
Sliding Scale: $20-$40 (you choose what to pay)

Please Pre-Register for all events by calling (978) 263-4959 or online.

Revolution Alternative Health and Healing 537 Mass. Ave. Acton, MA 01720

Acupuncture used to treat Marines during deployment

Check out this great video showing how acupuncture is being used to help treat marines for PTSD, pain, concussions, insomnia and more!

Another Professional Athlete Turns to Acupuncture

Jason Hammel of the Colorado Rockies talks about how acupuncture helped him get off of medications and back onto the baseball field. “The morning after his first session in Providence, R.I., Hammel couldn’t believe how good he felt. Not only were his muscles relaxed, his energy level was redlining.” For the full article click: Acupuncture helps energize Hammel

Acupuncture Improves Depression in Postmenopausal Women

Yet another positive study shows the benefits of acupuncture in the treatment of depression! Check out the article here.

Acupuncture at RCA we practice a different style of acupuncture. This method is over 2,500 years old and is derived from the I Ching, one of the oldest books in the world. This method has several names such as: “I Ching Acupuncture,” “The Balance Method,” or “Distal Point Acupuncture.” Regardless of the name, the effects are nothing less than miraculous.

The acupuncture points used are on the scalp and ears, from the elbows to the fingers, and from the knees to the toes. Consequently, the patient never has to take off their clothes and the treatments are efficient, comfortable and extremely effective.

I Ching Acupuncture often produces instantaneous results making it invaluable treatment for pain. I Ching Acupuncture also helps to create a treatment Matrix for some most difficult cases, which do not respond to other types of treatment.

Q&A With Founder of Revolution Community Acupuncture on Acton Patch

Acton Patch just posted an interview I did with them on the front page! Check it out here: Q&A with Founder of Revolution Community Acupuncture


Revolution Community Acupuncture Featured in the Acton Beacon!

If you haven’t already, check out the latest edition of the Acton Beacon featuring an article on RCA and community acupuncture. Here’s a link to the story: Group Acupuncture Practice Opens in Acton