If you are looking to help manage a chronic health condition, improve your energy or ensure you are getting proper nutrition to promote wellness and healthy aging then an Integrative Health Assessment is the right place to start. Please read below for information on the benefits of a healthy diet combined with an individualized nutritional supplement program. To schedule your consultation email us at info@revolutionca.com or call (978) 263-4959.

Todays Food

Today’s diets are depleted of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other nutrients due to the poor quality of our food supply and busy lifestyles. Combining a healthy diet and dietary supplements is the best approach to achieve optimal health.

Food Choices are Based on Convenience

Modern lifestyles typically involve juggling work, family and other activities. This leaves little time devoted to quality food choices and meals, leading instead to choices based on convenience. These options tend to be higher in fat, refined carbohydrates, and sodium and usually involve extensive processing to enhance taste, which can destroy or remove nutrients. Furthermore, higher amounts of these types of foodsare associated with marginal micronutrient intake and low serum concentrations of vitamin A, E, C, B12, folate and carotenoids.

Enhance Your Nutrient Intake by Following these Simple Guidelines

Choose nutrient dense foods

Whole grains and brightly colored fruits and vegetables typically have high nutrient levels. Choosing lean, free-range sources of protein and fat, as well as organic foods is also important.

Preserve nutrients while cooking

Avoid overcooking food to optimize nutrient retention. Whether baking, grilling or steaming, fruits and vegetables should still be colorful and slightly crisp when consumed.

Buy fresh local foods – organic when possible

Reducing the amount of time foods are in storage or transit helps to preserve the naturally occurring nutrients in foods.

Take high quality nutritional supplements

Choose a high quality nutritional supplement brand that is free of fillers, coating, binders, allergens, artificial colors, preservatives, hydrogenated oils or other excipients. These undesirable ingredients can diminish the bioavailability or health promoting potential of the nutrients. Unlike foods, supplements also have the benefit of providing consistent levels of vitamins and minerals. For specific health concerns, it is important to choose supplements that reflect active ingredients and dosage levels used in research studies.

Individualized nutritional supplement and diet plans can be made regarding supporting an active lifestyle and lifelong health, preventing disease and supporting ongoing health concerns. Please speak to us directly if you would like a consultation. A 28 day detoxification program and a comprehensive weight management program are also available.

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